Peter Noone was hooking up with groupies, partying with the Rolling Stones, and in AA by the age of 19

In 1964, they clinched their first number 1 hit in England with “I’m Into Something Good.” Noone reflects on the uniqueness of that era, stating, “Herman’s Hermits sold millions of records before anyone even saw us, which just doesn’t happen now.” He candidly admits that he didn’t entirely know what he was doing on stage, projecting a stage persona of a shy young boy, which was not far from the truth.

Peter Noone and his band achieved remarkable success, releasing more than 20 hit records and even outselling the Beatles in 1965. Some of their most iconic tracks include “I’m Into Something Good,” “No Milk Today,” and “There’s A Kind of Hush (All Over the World).”

By the time they were 17, the band had secured a million-dollar record deal. A career highlight for Noone was when Elvis Presley performed one of their hits, “I’m Henry the Eighth, I Am,” on stage in 1965, even if it was somewhat of a playful tease.

Noone lived the quintessential rocker lifestyle even at this young age, with the exception of drugs, which were never his thing. When asked about other typical rock ‘n’ roll habits, he acknowledges that they engaged in late-night revelry, enjoying the thrill of touring and performing.

At 64, Peter Noone is back on the road as part of Britain’s Solid Silver 60s Show. While his fellow Hermits veterans won’t be joining him, he’ll be sharing the stage with other musical stars of that era. Noone shares his enthusiasm for touring, stating that the buzz of performing for a live audience never gets old.

Living in California since the 70s, Noone adapted to the state’s healthy living lifestyle. He reflects on the debauchery of the 60s, acknowledging that not many people from that era survived, making him feel fortunate for his own well-being. He also humorously recalls socializing with the likes of the Moody Blues, sharing stories about drinking and hanging out with the Beatles and the Stones. He even noted that John Lennon bought his drinks, knowing he was just 16 and not likely to get drunk and start a brawl.

Peter Noone has a candid discussion about his own drinking habits, revealing that he attended his first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting at the age of 19 with his father, who was also a heavy drinker. He emphasizes that he might not have considered himself an alcoholic, but he needed to be sensitive to others’ feelings and perform on stage, so he decided to cut down. He hasn’t touched a drop for about 16 years, but he doesn’t impose his choices on those around him, allowing his wife to continue drinking if she wishes.

Noone has been married to his wife, Mirielle, for 43 years, and their love story is a mix of lust and true love. They met when Noone was 20, and despite his interactions with various women, he was drawn to her kindness and respect. Noone fondly recalls his pursuit of her, which involved renting an apartment next to her during her vacation in Ibiza. Their love story culminated in marriage in 1968, and they have a daughter, Nicole.

While Noone left the band in 1971, he continued his career in various ways, from a solo music career to acting on Broadway and hosting a U.S. television music show. He even served as a mentor and voice coach on American Idol. His reflections on Simon Cowell and his own journey in the entertainment industry are a testament to his experience and success.


Peter Noone & Natalie Noone: There's A Kind Of Hush. CADA special- HD


In conclusion, Peter Noone’s journey from a 60s teen heartthrob to a mature and reflective artist is a testament to his enduring charm and talent. His experiences in the music industry, personal growth, and his choice to embrace a healthier lifestyle stand as an inspiration. At 75, he continues to captivate audiences and maintain his charismatic presence, proving that age is just a number.

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