Tina Knowles said that Beyoncé faced bullying as a child due to her shy personality and good looks: “she was very shy”. Discover how it’s done and Beyonce’s mini recovery photos

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, surprised many people by revealing a little-known side of the pop queen. In an interview, she shared that Beyoncé, who today has an image of power and confidence, was once a shy girl and had to go through the trauma of childhood bullying.




“Beyoncé is very shy,” Mrs. Knowles said emotionally, “she was bullied a little bit.” Although she did not re veal specific details, through her tears, one can feel the p a i n and sorrow when watching her daughter suffer from this injustice.



What is admirable is that Beyoncé did not resign herself to silence. Tina Knowles talked about a memory that made her extremely proud: “Once, she stood up to protect a friend. Even though it wasn’t for herself, that brave act showed her inner strength. Beyoncé.”



Beyoncé’s story conveys a powerful message. Radiant appearance and great success do not m.ean immunity to harm. Bullying is a serious problem that can happen to anyone, regardless of personality or appearance. It is important to have the courage to speak up and protect yourself and those around you.



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