Michael Jackson’s daughter is afraid to talk about homosexuality with her family, and this is the truth (Video)

Paris Jackson said her family is very religious so they do not accept the fact that she is homosexual.

22-year-old model and singer Paris Jackson – daughter of pop music legend Michael Jackson – opened up and revealed to the media last year that she loves both men and women. However, Paris admitted that it was difficult for her to confide in her family about this.“My family is very religious and homosexuality is a taboo. They don’t like to talk about it. It’s really not accepted ,” Paris Jackson explained on the talk show Red Table Talk with Willow Smith on the 16th. /6.“I love and respect my family very much, and I respect everyone’s religious beliefs. I just want religious beliefs to be put aside so I can feel accepted.”


Michael Jackson's daughter is afraid to talk about homosexuality with her family - 2

Paris Jackson on the show Red Table Talk.

Paris was raised by her grandmother after her father passed away in 2009. Her grandmother, Katherine Jackson, and some members of Jackson’s family are very devout Christians. Paris said that at first she felt “alone” and “excluded” because she dated both men and women, but luckily her brothers and longtime family friend Omer Bhatti were very supportive of her.

Prince Jackson – Paris’s older brother – has been a supporter of the LGBT community since he was in high school. “I can open up to some family members, but I can’t do that to others ,” she confided.In a documentary broadcast on Facebook last summer, Paris confessed: “I have dated more women than men and been with more girls. People only know about her 3 long relationships.” I’m with 3 guys, but the public actually doesn’t know about most of the real love affairs I’ve had.”


Paris also said that she was aware of her different emotional orientation since she was a child. Her father – Michael Jackson – knew this but he did not mind.

Michael Jackson's daughter is afraid to talk about homosexuality with her family - 3

Paris was a child with her father.

Last summer, Paris Jackson broke up with singer Gabriel Glenn – her third heterosexual love. The singer confided to Willow Smith: “It was the deepest suffering I’ve ever experienced. But it was also one of the strongest rebirths I’ve ever had in finding my voice, my voice.” and accepted to become a musician” .

Paris later released a solo album titled Wilted about her failed relationship with Gabriel.

Without revealing the reason for the breakup, Paris mentioned that the betrayal in love left her heart deeply hurt . “That makes me more closed and very careful with new relationships because I want to protect myself ,” Paris confided.

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