(B)Travis Barker angrily confronts Kim & Khloe for bullying Kourtney! NEWS VIDEO

In a surprising twist, Travis Barker has sparked a media storm by accusing Kim and Khloe Kardashian of bullying his wife, Kourtney. This once united power couple now faces an internal family war, with Travis declaring his intolerance for the jealousy and negativity he claims Kim and Khloe are directing towards Kourtney. The drama has only intensified as Travis steps up to help Kourtney establish firm boundaries with her sisters, demanding that the bullying stop, especially now that Kourtney is expecting a child.


The tension among the Kardashian sisters has been simmering for a while, but recent events have brought it to a boiling point. Travis believes that Kim and Khloe are using Kourtney’s ex, Scott Disick, to stir up trouble. This has led to Kourtney distancing herself from Kim, Khloe, and their younger siblings, citing their jealousy over her happy marriage to Travis Barker. The situation exploded when a video clip from Kourtney and Travis’s wedding went viral, showing Kim seemingly disapproving of the reception. Fans were quick to accuse Kim of emitting toxic vibes, adding fuel to the fire.

Kim’s alleged attempts to overshadow Kourtney’s wedding with her own Dolce and Gabbana show have not gone unnoticed. Kourtney didn’t hold back, accusing Kim of having an evil core and exploiting her wedding for business gains. This ongoing feud is rooted in deep-seated issues, including past resentments, such as Kourtney’s unresolved feelings about their mother Kris Jenner’s affair with Todd Waterman, which had a significant impact on the family dynamics.

Kim and Khloe have often sided with Kris, pointing fingers at Kourtney for various issues and gaslighting her whenever she voiced her emotions. This has led to a glaring truth: Kim and Khloe’s jealousy towards Kourtney is unmistakable. Kourtney’s unshakable confidence and authenticity starkly contrast with Kim and Khloe’s ever-changing appearances and reliance on cosmetic enhancements. Kourtney’s individuality, educational background, and refusal to succumb to the pressures of fame have resonated with fans, further infuriating Kim.

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The animosity reached a climax during the filming of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians.” Kim and Khloe accused Kourtney of being lazy and not sharing enough of her life on camera, despite Kourtney having bared her soul in past seasons. The accusations escalated off-screen, with Kim unleashing her fury, calling Kourtney a miserable human being who pretended to care about global issues without contributing meaningfully. This culminated in a physical altercation during season 18, highlighting the deep rift between them.

Kourtney’s relationship with Travis Barker has only widened this rift. Kim and Khloe have reportedly tried to provoke Kourtney by bringing Scott Disick back into the show, despite his past mistreatment of her. Kourtney addressed this issue on a podcast, expressing her frustration with her family’s fixation on her past rather than celebrating her present happiness with Travis.

The family drama continued when Kim threw shade at Kourtney on Hailey Bieber’s YouTube show, unprovokedly describing her as the shady one in their childhood. Amidst all this, Travis Barker has firmly stood by Kourtney, demanding that Kim and Khloe back off or risk being cut off from their lives. Kourtney has echoed this sentiment, emphasizing that her family now revolves around Travis and their kids, distancing herself from her toxic sisters.

Fans have rallied around Kourtney, recognizing the emotional abuse she has endured. The saga of envy, bullying, and the struggle for individual happiness has unfolded before millions of eyes, leaving fans to speculate on the future of the Kardashian clan. Was it jealousy that drove Kim and Khloe to bully Kourtney? Only time will tell if this family feud can be resolved or if the battle lines have been drawn permanently.

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