«The Couple’s Intense Kiss: During a nighttime party, 77-year-old Cher and her 38-year-old boyfriend were photographed together!»

«The Couple’s Intense Kiss: During a nighttime party
77-year-old Cher and her 38-year-old boyfriend were photographed together!» 

The 77-year-old Cher is still showing off her PDA (public displays of love) with her beau, music producer Alexander Edwards.

Their recent appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards demonstrated their affection for one another.

In the press area, Alexander was seen giving Cher a tender peck on the cheek, confirming their relationship.

The pair attracted attention on the red carpet by dressing elegantly in black. Cher shone in a gorgeous all-black outfit sparkling with crystals, while Alexander looked dashing in a traditional black tuxedo.

This year’s public appearances weren’t limited to their adored appearance. They had earlier gone to the Equal Justice Now Awards together, where they socialized and enjoyed their bond.
They were spotted together in February at the Warner Music Group pre-Grammy celebration, where Cher was wearing an elegant ensemble that matched Alexander’s beautiful black coat. In the middle of her current conservatorship battle with her son Elijah Blue Allman, Cher has been showing her adoration in public. Even though a court turned down her first plea, Elijah has disclosed his problems with drug addiction and mental health and assured the public that he is actively getting help.

Cher’s connection with Alexander seems to be a source of happiness and support, despite her struggles. “Happiness is about living in the moment, not worrying about how long it will last,” as Cher put it.
Cher has always disregarded social norms in her career, from her signature looks to her outspoken nature.
They had a big age gap, which came up in discussion when she shared a picture of them on social media with the phrase “Love is Love.”

Reactions from fans were not unanimous. Some others were confused, thinking Cher was another star or that Alexander was a basketball player. Some questioned Alexander’s infrequent social media posts regarding her. While some fans wished Cher well and supported their relationship, others expressed worry and questioned whether the tears in her eyes represented grief.
Cher’s freedom to love was defended by many admirers, who emphasized that love knows no bounds. A few remarked on how content they appeared to be together, and one even brought up Cher’s earlier admission that she and Alexander had split up.

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