Gayle King accidentally shares private detail on why Oprah Winfrey was rushed to hospital

Good friend Gayle King is now filling fans in on what happened when Oprah Winfrey was rushed to the hospital earlier this week. Read on to find out what happened that sent Oprah to the emergency room.

This week, CBS’s “Oprah’s Book Club” with Oprah Winfrey and Gayle King got underway. It would appear that media mogul Oprah was absent from the studio this time, as she usually enthusiastically introduces her own pick.

Gayle King, her buddy, stepped in to fill in for her and explain why her companion had disappeared without a trace. She went over the reasons behind the media mogul’s absence from the studio with author David Wroblewski, who was there to discuss her chosen book, Familiaris.

Speaking to Wroblewski, King expressed his gratitude for his presence and apologized for Oprah’s inability to attend. She announced yesterday, ‘I’m gonna rally, I’m gonna rally.’ She was suffering from a stomach sickness of some type, and there was things flowing out of both ends of her.

Nate Burleson and Tony Dokoupil, who co-host King with King, both responded audibly to this news item.

I promise not to become graphic,” King went on to say. Obviously, she had to receive an intravenous hydration drip and wind up in the hospital with dehydration. This was a major matter. She’s going to be alright.

King may have known she spilled the beans since she continued by saying that Oprah wished she could have been there to personally celebrate the author.

“I hope she’s not angry with me for revealing that information,” King continued with a hint of guile. “I wanted to emphasize that her absence was deeply felt and that she was distressed by the fact that she couldn’t be here today. Rest assured, we will make up for her absence.”

Having been chosen by Oprah’s Book Club in 2008, the author was interviewed by King, Burleson, and Dokoupil.

After Gayle made her confession, the Oprah Daily Instagram account published a message explaining why she wasn’t on the show.

According to CBS Mornings, @oprah was supposed to make an announcement about the newest book she has chosen for her @oprahsbookclub today. In keeping with her role as best friend, @gayleking volunteered to break the news on her behalf when she got sick with a stomach ailment over the weekend, the caption stated. Oprah is doing considerably better now that she had an intravenous hydration drip, per her doctor’s orders. We hope she gets well soon .

Oprah and her staff released a formal statement to go along with the caption. Upon her doctor’s instruction, Ms. Winfrey had an intravenous drip to combat dehydration while she recovered from a stomach bug. Every day, she feels better and gets more rest.

Later that day, King conducted a video chat with Winfrey, during which the latter explained that she had gotten fluids at the ER rather than being hospitalized.

I was at the emergency department. “I was pretty parched,” Winfrey revealed. “I went to the emergency room for that because I had dry mouth and couldn’t keep enough water down to get hydrated,” the individual continued, “and that’s just it.”

She said, “I’m not 100, but I’m on my way to 100,” when questioned about her current state of health. The fact that she was “too weak to get on a plane” prevented her from making an appearance on CBS Mornings on Tuesday, she revealed.

“She was sidelined with a stomach virus that caused such dehydration that she went to the hospital to get an IV drip,” King reiterated in the post’s caption.

“I thought I had made that very clear, but then I see headlines that say, ‘Oprah’s hospitalized!’ and I’m taken aback.” (Absolutely not!). And people are calling me nonstop to find out if Oprah is alright,” King explained. “Indeed, that is correct! What follows is an unfiltered look at the origin.


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