Bodyguard shares about Michael Jackson’s secret room. But I have a feeling it doesn’t stop here

Bodyguard shares about Michael Jackson’s secret room

For the first time, Matt Fiddes shared with the media about Michael Jackson’s room.

According to Daily Star , Matt Fiddes shared about Michael Jackson ‘s secret room on The Scott McGlynn show .

“They say Michael built the secret room, but it actually existed a long time ago, before he bought the villa. Michael Jackson is a billionaire and it’s normal to have a room to hide in when something goes wrong. I feel ridiculous when people call it a secret room for him to play tricks on the children,” the former bodyguard shared with MC Scott McGlynn.

Former bodyguard Matt Fiddes shares about Michael Jackson’s secret room.

Matt Fiddes also said that lies about Michael Jackson have existed for a long time and don’t stop there: “I don’t understand what they want from someone who has passed away. But I have a feeling it doesn’t stop here. They could have made up many more falsehoods about Michael. It’s truly a shame that the reputation of the King of Pop could be tarnished by such crazy accusations.”

The former bodyguard also expressed his opinion about the documentary  Leaving Neverland , accusing the Off the Wall singer of sexual abuse. “If this is truly a documentary, it needs to give a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional view of the issue rather than just exploiting it from one side,” Fiddes said.


MC asked Matt Fiddes about Michael Jackson’s attitude when he was constantly criticized. The former bodyguard said: “Honestly, he wouldn’t want me to sit here and speak out against such absurd things. Michael’s attitude was always ‘never mind, just ignore them. It doesn’t deserve attention’. And this unintentionally makes the lies about Michael become bigger.”

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Matt Fiddes was Michael Jackson’s bodyguard in the final days of his life.

He said he did not want to speak up about the allegations about Michael Jackson, but when there were rumors like building a room to molest children and sexually abuse , Matt Fiddes could not stay silent.

Matt Fiddes is Michael Jackson’s former bodyguard, who was responsible for taking care of him for a period of time before the “King of Pop” passed away in 2009. Currently, Fiddes is a famous businessman and trainer


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