Kim K reveals number of times slept with A$AP Rocky and issues a challenge: ‘Rihanna prepare yourself’ (video) – Full video below

Kim Kardashian allegedly pursued A$AP Rocky, prompting Rihanna’s stern warning against meddling in her affairs, recalling a past incident with Kendall Jenner.

Rihanna’s strong stance signifies her intolerance for interference in her relationships, particularly with someone close like A$AP Rocky, sparking intense fan speculation.


The tension between Rihanna and the Kardashian Clan has historical roots, notably with Kendall Jenner, who incurred Rihanna’s ire as far back as 2013.

Rihanna’s public clashes with Kendall, including subtle digs and boycotting events, reflected growing animosity towards Jenner.

Kendall’s remarks about modeling and her rise to fame, influenced by Kris Jenner, further strained her relationship with Rihanna.

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