B) NEWS VIDEO Kim Kardashian S.L.A.M.M.E.D for POOR Parenting (North West’s BACKLASH Over ‘B.A.D’ Behavior)

Courtney’s observation that “North is my lesson on this planet” suggests a profound insight into the challenges of parenting a child like North West, who is growing up in the limelight of the Kardashian family. The public scrutiny surrounding North’s behavior often places Kim Kardashian under intense criticism, questioning her parenting capabilities, especially in managing North’s sometimes blunt and seemingly disrespectful demeanor.

North’s outspoken nature, evident in her critiques of fashion choices on the Kardashian show and her candid remarks about her family, has sparked controversy. Critics argue that such behavior reflects a lack of discipline and respect instilled by her parents, Kim and Kanye West. Kim herself has admitted to struggling with disciplining her children, a challenge exacerbated by Kanye’s absence from active parenting due to his career and personal issues.


Despite North’s occasional brashness, many argue against directly criticizing a young child who did not choose her public status. Instead, attention is directed towards Kim’s parenting style and the influence of their high-profile lifestyle on North’s upbringing. Critics and fans alike debate whether Kim and Kanye’s approach fosters entitled behavior or if it’s a natural consequence of their unique family dynamics.

Courtney’s perspective that North teaches her patience underscores the complexities of parenting under constant public scrutiny. Kim’s efforts to balance discipline with allowing her children to express themselves authentically are evident, though they are sometimes overshadowed by the family’s public image. Critics point to instances where North’s behavior mirrors her parents’ outspokenness, particularly Kanye’s, suggesting a possible influence from their environment.

In conclusion, the debate over North West’s behavior extends beyond mere tabloid fodder, delving into broader questions about parenting in the public eye and the impact of fame on childhood development. While opinions on Kim Kardashian’s parenting vary widely, what remains clear is the need for empathy and understanding towards a child navigating a uniquely challenging upbringing.

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