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One Hour Ago! Tucker & Texas AG Paxton Drop MOABS & Wage Bloody War In Paxton’s First Interview Since His Acquittal! MUST Video!

DUE TO MULTIPLE REQUESTS: From Now On, James Red Pills America Will Have Only ONE SHORT COMMERCIAL During ALL Videos! Thank You In Advance For Supporting This Ministry!

ONE HOUR AGO! Tucker & Texas Attorney’s General Ken Paxton DROP ENDLESS BOMBS In Paxton’s FIRST Interview Since His Acquittal! BOOM!

HOW THE HELL CAN YOU BE REMOVED FROM YOUR JOB WITHOUT BEING PROSECUTED FOR ANYTHING…?!?! Tucker and Paxton WAGE BLOODY WAR in this EPIC and MIND-BLOWING INTERVIEW when they EXPOSE the DARK FORCES lurking behind the IRON CURTAINS in the DASTARDLY attempt at ousting Paxton! Tucker Carlson interviews Texas A.G. Ken Paxton in Paxton’s FIRST INTERVIEW since he was ACQUITTED of ALL CHARGES in the SCAM IMPEACHMENT trial – and they DROP MAJOR MOABS as they reveal the TRUTH about what REALLY went on! Tucker & Paxton LAMBAST those who were in on the ATTEMPTED OUSTING of Paxton, remarking that “That’s NOT how Democracies are supposed to work!”

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