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OMG!!! Cardi B Drops Bombshell: “I’ve Had Enough of Offset’s Overbearing Mother!”

Cardi B, the outspoken and influential rapper, recently found herself in the midst of

a public disagreement with her husband Offset’s mother.

The conflict arose after Offset’s mother posted a picture of Cardi B’s daughter, Kulture,

on her social media status, a move that did not sit well with Cardi.

The rapper took to social media to express her frustration and to set the record straight.

Cardi B, known for her candid and unfiltered approach, was visibly upset about the situation. She explained that she felt disrespected and manipulated, particularly because the matter involved her children.

“It’s so annoying when you know I think because I’m ghetto or because I’m emotional, people like to gaslight me and they think that they can manipulate my brain,” Cardi B stated in a live video. She made it clear that she would not tolerate anyone disrespecting her boundaries, especially when it comes to her children.

One of the primary issues Cardi B highlighted was the tendency of some people to underestimate her intelligence and emotional depth due to her background. “Little do you know I’m very understandable,” she said. Cardi emphasized that when her concerns are not acknowledged privately, she feels compelled to address them publicly to ensure they are taken seriously.

“If you think that you’re going to gaslight me with your bullshit, that’s when I’m going to go public so you could understand me a little bit better,” she added.

Cardi B also pointed out the double standards she faces. She expressed her frustration about being held to a different standard compared to others. “It’s bad enough you don’t hold your own accountable, but what you’re not going to do is try to act like I need to be accountable, especially when it comes to my kids,” she asserted. Cardi B is adamant about providing a stable and loving environment for her children, something she feels she did not receive from Offset’s family.

The rapper’s protective nature over her children was a central theme in her message. “What you’re not going to do is manipulate me when I put my guards up for my kids,” she stated firmly. She stressed that while people do not have to like her, they must respect her children. “If you’re not going to love my kids properly, don’t look for them or don’t speak on them,” she warned.

Despite the ongoing tension, Cardi B acknowledged Offset’s role as a good father. “I could say my baby father, he’s a great dad. I’ll give it to him,” she admitted. However, she made it clear that her patience with others meddling in her family affairs was running thin. “Now I’m being nice until people stop talking to me like I’m easy to manipulate or easy to gaslight,” she declared.

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In a lighter moment during her live video, Cardi B shifted the conversation to her love for buffets, showcasing her humor and down-to-earth personality. She excitedly shared her experiences of visiting buffets and enjoying a variety of foods, providing a brief respite from the more serious topics.

Cardi B also took the opportunity to promote her upcoming performance at the BET Experience, encouraging her fans to get their tickets. Despite feeling exhausted and expressing her desire for more stability, Cardi B reassured her fans that she would give her all in her performance. “I’m going to give it all like G,” she promised.

In conclusion, Cardi B’s public address serves as a reminder of her commitment to protecting her children and standing up against any form of disrespect or manipulation. Her candidness and willingness to go public with her grievances highlight her resolve to ensure her boundaries are respected, especially when it comes to her family. Cardi B’s message is clear: she will not be silenced or undermined, and she will continue to fiercely protect her children’s well-being.


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