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October 15th (Blackout Friday) Mandatory Vaccination Deadline and Internet Power Outages to Come

It was interesting as I was wrapping up this video here in Canada, the Quebec government pushed back their ‘mandatory vaccine’ date for nurses and health care workers. Like many territories throughout the planet many government and private sector companies have imposed Friday October 15th, 2021 as the date that their staff must be fully vaccinated to continue working. In Quebec the government quickly realised that over 40,000 of the government employees (including nurses) will not be vaccinated by Friday the 15th. So they have pushed back the ‘due’ date until November 15th. My question is: What is the difference in moving it back one month? If the nurses are not fully vaccinated by now, why will they be vaccinated in 30 more days? This is happening everywhere. Look at what is happening in the USA with the airline pilots and the Amtrak workers and of course the Military. They have drawn a line in the sand and will not be getting vaccinated. All of this has the making of a ‘super crisis’, now Joe Biden is laying out more vaccine mandates. There may be a ‘super event’ coming on October 15th or soon after to deflect from Biden’s vaccine failures. Would they really pull the plug on the Internet and power down the banks? We will soon see. “Never let a good crisis go to waste!”

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