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New Patriot Underground: Juan O Savin Intel Analysis – Q Didn’t Disappear: McAfee Is The Phoenix of The Q Project – Is Elon Musk A White Hat? Horace: Sun God; Jesus Christ: Son of God (Inversion)

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Juan O Savin Intel Analysis
Is Elon Musk Really A White Hat?
$44 Billion Price Tag Significance
Corporate Cabal Cutouts
Dragon Meets ISIS; Symbology Behind SpaceX
Horace: Sun God; Jesus Christ: Son of God (Inversion)
Rising Like The Phoenix To Avoid Detection (every 500 years)
Soros: MI6 Cutout For Financial Consolidation
Clintons = Rockefellers
Big Tech Overlords Being Used By The Alliance
Prime Directive: Humanity Must Build Our Star Trek Future
Prime Numbers; God’s Building Blocks
Gematria: Divine Symmetry
Dark Magic: Hijacking The Numbers (17)
What Is The Statue Of Liberty Really?
17 x 3 = (Area) 51
Celebrating Occult Rituals Unwittingly
St. Patrick Is The Green Man
Obelisk Is The Cross For Satanists
Washington Monument (111+555= 666 ft.)
Georgia GS To UN = 666 Miles
9/11 Ritual Breakdown
Parthenon Symbols On Wall Street
Ushering In The Anti-Christ
Bush Jr. & My Pet Goat
Juan Referencing The Tunnels (Elite Fallout Plan)
Trauma Based Predictive Programming = Shaping Public Consciousness
Numeric Patterns Between Public Tragedies
JFK Jr. On JFK, Jr.?
Mar-a-Lago AF1 Model = Jr.’s Cessna Color Scheme
Returning The Diamonds To Jr.
Who Invited Trump To Run?
4th Psyop Group: Ghosts In The Machine
Q Is A Team Augmented By AI (ALICE)
Q Didn’t Disappear: McAfee Is The Phoenix of The Q Project
Public Narrative For Plausible Deniability (NSA/Space Force Evidence Disclosure)
Whakd Crypto Trolling The Enemy
400k Coins Is The Trigger = New Foundation
The Truth Beneath The Surface

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