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New Gene Decode & Patriot Underground: DUMBs Intel: US East Coast – Trucker Rally: History Being Made

New Gene Decode Interview on Patriot Underground Jan 31 2022

Trucker Rally: History Being Made
The People Have Awoken
DUMBs Intel: US East Coast
Cirsten W’s Life and Death
Omicron Update
Secret Space Program
Non Terrestrial Intel
Super Soldiers
Solar Warden
Hollow Earth
Hidden Secrets of Frequency

I like Gene, but he’s lying or stretching the truth about a lot of this. I feel bad saying that, but I’ve worked 90 hours a week. There’s no room in a 90 hour work week to go to the store let alone go to 6 hours of school and bike for 2 hours a day. Rwstubbz

This channel was created, to give people a possibility to find out what kind of channels that are out there. So if you just have left the msm, this is the place to start to find your way. I have done all the hard work, I just want to give you a little push in the right direction to FREE YOUR MIND.

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