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New Gene Decode & Maori Morpheus Massive Reveal! Global DUMBs SitRep & E-SETI Update on Oz w/ James Gilliland

Who is Gene Decode? Who I am is really not relevant. I know what I do as I have done 30+ years of research and 20+ year military career. I have also been researching and studying most all of my life as I have never cared for sports or other such “leisure” activities that other people do.

I prefer to study and learn and always have. A large part of my information and awareness of the nature of the Universe and the One True God I got from a death experience in August of 1992 in which I died for 30 minutes. During that time God offered me the chance to return to be of service, which I choose. This experience gave me a lot of insight and knowledge. Additionally, martial arts is pivotal in my life, was responsible for my death experience and completely defines my service as that as a spiritual warrior. Other than that I do not give out and it is not really important who I am as the message is important NOT the messenger.

The old way of information of the truth of a message is judged by the credentials and supposed expertise of the person reporting. This fostered decades of lies and deceit. ALL information should be research under the premise it could be a lie and then go first to prove it wrong and see what one gets. God Bless Gene

Watch as Gene Decode and James Gilliland from ECETI Movement explain the latest on DUMB clearance by The Earth Alliance and much more hard to believe data that can only be seen with discernment if not up to this level of Truth!

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