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New Derek Johnson & Nino’s Corner: “Will The Military Make A Public Move?” 11-9-22

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

New Derek Johnson: “Will The Military Make A Public Move?” 11-9-22

Alright folks it’s go time.. Election day is here and the shenanigans begin. CNN is on record today telling people to stay off social media and trust the MSM news. I personally don’t see how this country can go any further down this dark black hole if the military doesn’t intervene soon..Derek tends to believe this is all just a high level military operation and the public is being jolted to wake up. Derek is a veteran and self proclaimed expert at military codes,regulations and comms..He brings his knowledge to to assure my audience that the military is in control and states here in this video that military tribunals should happen by mid 2023. Is he right? Time will tell… PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY.

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