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New Derek Johnson: GITMO Update, Trump Special Intel, Optics, Executive Orders, Covert Operations, COG, Flight Patterns, The Jab, Music Industry, Freedom Now

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

New Derek Johnson: Optics, Executive Orders, Covert Operations, COG, Gitmo, Flight Patterns, The Jab, DJT, Music industry, Freedom Now music video after interview!

We begin with a 30,000 foot view then get into evidence & what to look for at the 14 minute mark. Continuity of government or a COG at the 30 minute mark. The vaccine and DJT 1:09 mark. Current Events at the 1:24 mark. Gitmo 1:34 mark Music Industry 2:06 mark.

Derek Johnson is former military and uses his background, intelligence and knowledge to educate those interested in the optics being used during this covert operation. His ability to retain and convey information is quite a thing to behold and he does it with a southern charm and wit. He is also a Billboard Top 40 charting country artist.

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