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New Clif High: The Event Shift Is Happening Now – Change Your Frequency

This is primarily a sound bite. I have only a limited ability to edit and I will not download his YT programs. This is taken from two of his recent substack voice programs. I wanted you to hear what he has to say about the energy coming in from the Galactic Core “Strange energies from space”. They come in to our Ionosphere as Wave Forms. The weapons that “they” use against us are “not natural”. So listen as you can as Clif describes how this works.

This also is the Precessional Shift. The Dense mass is coming from directly “down the pike in a Torus Field Shape”. Like particulate matter that settles down on us over time during these Shift. The Cycles MIGHT include a Catastrophe Cycle.. BUT NOT ALWAYS. The Sun is Also reacting! No one else is saying this in a PLAIN AND SIMPLE WAY. Please see Frequency of the Earth on Facebook for more Analysis.

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