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New Alien/UFO Documentary: The Observers Shocking New Revelations! A Mind Altering Documentary Regarding the UFO Phenomenon and World Events

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I watched this film recently and highly recommend it for alien researchers. Youtube has a few scenes from the film which is a collection of interviews with a few researchers.

The film was educational and revealed basic ufo/alien knowledge, and the official investigation launched by the US Congress, which did not bear much fruit. There was scenes in the film about computers advancing into artificial intelligence, which I felt was off topic and boring, so please fast forward that part and go to the meat of the information.

At about 3/4s into the film (where I have it start) Linda Mouton Howell talks about a meeting she had with a very high level DIA official that was privy to the alien reality. She said this was the biggest revelation she has ever heard in her entire life of research.

It was during that conversation that she learned of the entire depth of alien races and agenda on the planet. She confirmed what I’ve been telling people for 25 years that there is a tall blonde race that looks identical to us, plus reptilians and the greys. And they are all in some kind of a three way competition for this planet. All three are using the planet as a laboratory for biological research.

‘Gun-To-the-Head’ MANIFESTING.

He said that the blondes started research in using ‘containers’ (bodies) of reptilians, and placed their own specie’s brains inside them, to be able to infiltrate the reptilian activities as spies. The reptilians discovered this and then imitated the same process of using the blonde bodies and inserting a reptilian brain inside of them. The Greys also started to experiment with this process.

The insider from the DIA told her that it is nearly impossible to detect who is in what body as spies (possessions). But special equipment is available to uncover their true identity. That section of the movie ends at about 5 minutes long, but it is earth shattering.
He told her that the reptilians originated from earth and want it back.

The blondes have many planets throughout the Milky Way Galaxy. It is well known that the tall blondes are our ancient forefathers that we came from, and they are here to work with us, and perhaps protect us from the other aliens.

For 270 million years the aliens have been terraforming and genetically modifying animals on this planet. That would be directly after the great Permian extinction event that destroyed the majority of life on the planet from massive methane gas explosions.

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind!

This may actually line up with the Biblical story of the earth belonging to Lucifer, Satan, the serpent, and was called the “the Lord of this earth”. And the tall blondes came down to protect the “children of God” from the control of the serpent, the devil and his army of demons.

The concept of a satanic malevolent group of beings that battles against a benevolent angelic group, could actually be based on ancient historical facts. We may have been able to feel this truth, but had no way of discovering the reality of the matter, until now.

The conclusion that the official gave her, was the fact that alien disclosure could actually “put a dent” in the aliens’ plans by exposing the truth to the public.
She showed a presidential letter from Kennedy asking for UFO/Alien information to be delivered to the Whitehouse in January of 1964. He was assassinated in late November of 1963.

Each one of the researchers in the film have their own ‘truth’ they’re sharing, which I felt was nothing more than their personal new age religious views. But throughout the film there are nuggets of truth that are well worth viewing and hearing about.

THE OBSERVERS. A mind altering documentary regarding the UFO phenomenon and world events.

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