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Navy Seal Michael Jaco: I RV’d 1.5 Billion Dying 1 1/2 Years Ago! Cliff High Saw 1.24 Billion 20 Years Ago!! – Must Video

I have my stash of phys silver, only 260 oz but have it at an avg 18. area. I have been buying stock ups of food, gas, some diesel and all have Stabilizer in them. I have the last 3 yrs putting in my own solar system for power. Just finished building thermodyne 3,000 watt 48 v generator that will put out up to 90 amps for recharging my 2 complete nissan leaf battery bank. 12 k 48 volt inverter and now adding another 6 250 watt panels. I’m GQQD now for power as it handles my whole house living. That gen I just finished building will be used for Bad Cloudy days to bank full charged. 16 hp gas engine that only burns 1/2 gal and hr under half load. and I only run 48 v 3 phase ac alt at a max of 2700 rpm for full amp out put of 90 amps. Taken some time to put together, but have been at prepping for the last 5 years as I have seen what is coming, and it’s HERE!!! 357 mag, 264 win mag, 22 lr semi auto, and a SILENT KILLER Hercules 30 Cal air rifle that is deadly out to 250 yds and suppressed as LEGAL on Air Rifles!!! BLUE HATS Make GREAT TARGETS!!! God Bless & Praying you get things now while you can & I’m on SS & have done well STOCKING UP on my needs for this CRAP Heading Our Way!!!!! NW Arizona Red Neck Vietnam USMC VET 68-69…OORAH!!! God Bless>>>

Thank you for keeping us updated. This country is no longer America. It’s going to get tuff. We need to be prepared .


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