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Navy Seal Michael Jaco: Black-Eyed Babies That Develop Quickly Are Here For The Parents That Are Both Jabberdoo’d!! (Must Video)

What happens when u go to hospital and need blood in a serious situation. And u get blood from a person who has had the jab. Has anyone ever thought about that. We’re screwed 😳😳😳

Yeah, I thought about it last week, as my husband had a transfusion last week! The blood banks do not reveal that info. So the hospital didn’t even know.

Yup I think about it often. I know here in Ohio they still except blood from jabbed people. I called the Red Cross and they said it just depends what kind. So I suggest if anyone is going to get a procedure done donate your own blood first. You know you will get pure blood!!

My mom had to go in for a hysterectomy in May. She said to the oncology surgeon that if she had to have a blood transfusion, she didn’t want blood from a vaccinated person. The doctor actually rolled her eyes, looked like she was going to levitate off the ground in annoyance, and said (to my 78 year old mother) “You must be a Trump person.” My mom hadn’t said anything like that, at all. And she also didn’t respond to the doctor’s baiting. The doctor treated her legitimate concern like it was crazy. Her assistant chimed in, “Don’t even get her started on that.” Talk about brainwashed.

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