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Military Arrests Alert! FL Now to Begin Arresting Federal Agents Inside Our Borders! No Mandates!

I believe this is one of the main reasons most of my Great Grandfather’s family moved here back in the 1890s. William Spencer Middleton one of 13. Pomona Park Fl.

His son is in my profile pick, Rear Admiral Roderick Middleton which is standing with JFK . Clyde D. Middleton Sr his brother was my Grandfather from Putnam County. Proud to be from Florida and will defend our people at what ever capacity needed. WD

I have been trying to find more information regarding this movement down there, but almost everything redirects to March of last spring when the NG was enacted to help with testing. Found ONE article regarding the mask mandate down there but seemed like a hit piece. Seems national journo “authorities” don’t want us to know the deets? LateBloomer

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