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Michael Jaco: Former Army Intel Exposes Who Satan Is and His Depopulation Agenda. (Video) 

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Mary Beaver served in the U.S. Army as a human intelligence analyst with cryptologic linguist abilities. She has the unique ability of real time memory or click coding intelligence which allows her to learn ancient languages such Phoenician. She has memories of being a super soldier, missions on space crafts, as well as living on Mars as a civilian. She recalls military briefings in which she trained young soldiers on how to kill Draco aliens.

She also has memories of soldiers with thick metal masks and uniforms while she was in some med tube in order to salvage her body and to leave the rest of the soldiers behind. She recalls being referred to as one of Dr. Government Frankenstein’s monsters.

Her SSP records are heavily sealed by the government and even galactic space command is not forthcoming on information about her origins. She comes from a long line of Majestic Masons. Her grandfather served in WWII and infiltrated one of Hitlers strong bases which possibly contained alien technology. 

Forty years ago, her father worked in an underground facility below Area 51 which contained dark secrets resulting in him building a resistance movement against the government.

It appears her father, was a victim of Mk ultra delta programming, which activated, causing him to nearly kill Mary when she was a child. Mary has received claw marks, needle marks, bruises, and scars from malevolent beings who also seem to be targeting her children.

Mary has experiences in the MKDelta /Cosmic-Majestic Great Skills Program, as well as some of the technology and beings she encountered in her service for the military and the ssp.

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