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Lt. Scott Bennett: HUGE Intel With Jim Fetzer, Don Grahn, and Brian Davidson (Videos)

By sending F-16s to Ukraine and calling up 3,000 reservists (at a time), Biden appears to be ramping up the war for a potential direct engagement between the US and Russia, which would not end well for the US. Russia has warned that it cannot distinguish between F-16s that are nuclear-capable and those that are not, which requires them all to be treated as nuclear in violation of Russian nuclear response policies, which as I understand them would dictate a full retaliatory response by Russia.

Not good. NATO is moving forward with three new defensive arrangements for different sectors, which involves a 300-400,000 man increase and rearranging existing support structures. Lithuania has called for abrogating the NATO-Russia Founding Law by which Russia agreed to the expansion of NATO as long as no permanent military bases were built along its border.

The Wagner Group has now deployed 90,000 soldiers in Belarus, causing Zelensky to call for 200,000 reinforcements for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. But where would they come from? Sending cluster bombs to Ukraine, moreover, was justified on the ground that the US had run out of 155mm howitzer shells, which means the Ukrainians do not have the artillery to sustain conventional combat. Not good for their efforts at defense or offense, for that matter. It means THEY LOSE.

Congress tried to block the transfer but to no avail. The Babylon Bee satirises that Zelensky is in control of the US military, which is virtually true. And in Vilnius, NATO plans its expansion to control the entire planet.

No humor here, just the grim reality of a defensive alliance gone off the rails.

The Secret Service reports “Case Closed” on the cocaine found in the White House, which is absurd. It should have taken about 30 minutes to solve. But when the son of the President is the prime suspect, law enforcement seems to lose its grip on the ability to conduct a proper investigation. DC residents are complaining that the Crack House on Pennsylvania Avenue is driving down real estate values, which is perhaps not literally true but close to it.

Biden gobbling a little girl is about as disgusting as it gets. State of the Union published a masterful analysis of the history of health care laws in the US that laid the basis for the mass murder of Americans under the guise of EUA (Emergency Use Authorization), which leaves no one liable no matter how great the number of deaths and adverse effects. One of the most important stories of the decade. Pelosi and Newsom are involved in a lawsuit over the use of toxic chemicals in Napa Valley, where they both have large vineyards.

Not good–but couldn’t happen to a more deserving couple. MTG gets the boot from the Freedom Caucus for being too outspoken (my take), even as BLM celebrates its 10th Anniversary of doing the maximum damage to America in the shortest span of time. Tucker interviews candidates for the GOP nomination for 2024, with stunning results for Asa Hutchinson, Nikky Haley, and (perhaps especially) Mike Pence, none of whom is going to come anywhere close to gaining party support.

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