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Leaked Footage From 50 Cent Documentary EXPOSES More Creepy Details About Diddy| Diddy Is On The Run

Explosive Revelations in 50 Cent’s New Documentary on Diddy.

A bombshell revelation has emerged from 50 Cent’s upcoming documentary about Diddy, presenting some of the most shocking allegations we’ve seen in recent memory. The documentary features testimonies from survivors and witnesses of Diddy’s alleged crimes, exposing a dark side of the music mogul that has long been hidden.


For weeks, 50 Cent has been taunting Diddy, but now he’s taken it a step further by claiming that Diddy allegedly eliminated multiple individuals who were close to exposing his secrets years ago. This isn’t just another conspiracy theory—50 Cent asserts that he has insider information and hard evidence to back up these claims. He is even pushing to reopen federal investigations into these deaths, confident in the proof he holds.



50 Cent is on a mission to bring Diddy down, and word on the street is that Diddy is on the run now that federal authorities are circling. The rapper’s commitment to exposing Diddy’s alleged misdeeds is evident, and he’s equipped with substantial evidence that he believes will incriminate Diddy.

The controversy gained momentum when Cassie sued Diddy, prompting 50 Cent to announce his documentary project with a tweet: “Diddy Do It? Coming soon. GLG (Green Light Gang). And another one.” He hinted that Diddy should consider filing for bankruptcy, adding fuel to the fire.

Initially, many thought 50 Cent was merely joking, known for his trolling antics. However, he was dead serious and immediately began gathering evidence and witnesses willing to speak out against Diddy. As big networks caught wind of the project, a bidding war ensued, with Netflix ultimately securing the rights. The exact price tag remains undisclosed, but it’s reported to be astronomical, marking a significant win for 50 Cent.

Diddy assault video: 50 Cent reacts to LA County not prosecuting Sean Combs; 'we can't un see what we saw' - Hindustan Times

The documentary is packed with drama, intrigue, and shocking twists. 50 Cent announced, “We’re making good television. Mine just happens to be the best. Netflix wins the bidding war, but if more victims come forward, we’ll need more episodes.”

Since Cassie’s lawsuit became public, 50 Cent has been relentless in his pursuit of Diddy. He’s determined to reveal Diddy’s alleged dark side, with claims of hard proof that could potentially land Diddy in jail.

Allegations against Diddy include the suspicious deaths of people close to him. Kim Porter, Diddy’s ex-girlfriend, reportedly faced physical abuse from Diddy even after their breakup. One incident allegedly resulted in Diddy needing medical attention after Kim defended herself. Another shocking claim involves Shakir Stewart, a man Kim dated after Diddy. Stewart was found dead under mysterious circumstances, and rumors suggest Diddy may have been involved to send a warning to other men.


50 Cent reacts to Diddy's apology over shocking Cassie hotel assault video as fans weigh in: 'This is not going to work' | Daily Mail Online

The documentary also explores the death of Erica Kennedy, a close friend of Kim Porter who wrote a book believed to be about Diddy. Kennedy was found dead in her apartment, with the cause of death never publicly disclosed. Insiders suspect foul play, pointing fingers at Diddy.

Adding to the controversy, Kamora Lee Simmons, another close friend of Kim Porter, experienced a mysterious fire at her home after shading Diddy. Simmons, who witnessed Diddy’s alleged abuse firsthand, had to step back for her safety and that of her children.

50 Cent’s documentary also touches on the death of Terence Dean, who wrote a book based on Diddy’s life. Dean was found dead in circumstances eerily similar to Erica Kennedy’s, with the cause of death also kept private.

The documentary promises to reveal more explosive details, potentially implicating Diddy in a series of cover-ups and alleged crimes. As more evidence comes to light, the public eagerly awaits the full release of 50 Cent’s documentary, which could have far-reaching consequences for Diddy and the music industry at large.

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