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Laura Logan Drops MOABS On Iran & Biden! “You Can See Their Fingerprints All OVER This! They Gave Hamas Intel, Training & Weapons That Made Attack Possible!” MUST Video!

LAURA LOGAN DROPS MOABS & Breaks Her Silence Over The Events In Israel!“You Can See IRAN’s and BIDEN ADMIN’s FINGERPRINTS All OVER This! They Gave Them INTELLIGENCE, TRAINING & WEAPONS That Made This Attack Possible!” DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! (See also below this video, a few AMAZING, NEW VIDEOS I’ve just put out!)

An ACTUAL JOURNALIST, Lara Logan, DROPS MOABS and BREAKS HER SILENCE over the events that just took place in Israel! She said, unequivocally, that “You Can See IRAN’S and the BIDEN ADMINISTRATION’S FINGERPRINTS ALL OVER IT!” Laura even goes on to say that “They gave Hamas the INTELLIGENCE, TRAINING & WEAPONS That Has Made This Attack Possible!” Of course, you and I both KNOW just where all of these assets come from! She weighs in HEAVY on the the DISGUSTING terror attacks in Israel, DROPPING MOAB AFTER MOAB on the Biden Administration, Iran and the Palestinian Terrorists Cells that HAVE BEEN FORMING in our country NOW, and LONG BEFORE the Israeli attack.

The UNBELIEVABLE CLIP that you’ll see in this video was taken in TAMPA FLORIDA! I hope that people ALL OVER AMERICA come to realize how TRULY INFILTRATED we have become by Islamic terrorists. What just happened in Israel is EXACTLY what’s going to happen here in the USA in the next 14 months – and it’ll make 9/11 look like CHILD’S PLAY! And BEWARE! Laura REVEALS to us that NOW the US ‘Intelligence’ Agencies have ALREADY identified terror cells here in the USA, but they’re INTENTIONALLY NOT WARNING THE PUBLIC ABOUT THEM! You really NEED TO KNOW THIS so that you can keep yourself and your family SAFE! Please SHARE This Video EVERYWHERE, Patriots!


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