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Juan O’ Savin: We Ain’t Seen NOTHING Yet!! Be Ready, the Sh*t is About to Hit the Fan! (Video)

A beautiful SUNSET and a great show. The ability of Capt Kyle and his following makes this a very great conversation and worth the time. We have many things to think about right now.. one that is answered by Father God only. Your way is your message you can ask for and with WISDOM and RIGHT THINKING can be the PATH that will bring you EASE and JOY with all around you. Protect the young and infirm and find that place for you locally and take your time to help out in your own way.

Juan actually says at the end (not included here) to purchase what is called “junk silver” that you can purchase on Ebay by the pound or ounce (I don’t see any great deals right now). It has denominations on it and is pre-1964 and according to the weight (90% silver) you will purchase enough just for a bit of hedge if the currency becomes worthless. Juan also says get your pantry filled out if you can with basics. This is not only has potential for this happening, but looks very possible.

Juan also mentions the Economist cover and they show this briefly on the show.. for the fact it was 11 years ago.. and he explains. 11 and 22 are both about the events 2 x 11 double eleven (which symbolizes disorder and chaos), can mean a concentration of disorganization.

He sent this out for those of us that he knows will see this for the content and the significance to the 11 year “before it happened” time frame.. this was the cover from Dec 2012- Jan 2013. And that the creator of this titled “A rough Guide to Hell” must have known that 11 years later it would actually be happening? GAZA is in the circle and the Seven DEADLY SINS.

How did they know? This is the work of SATAN who never CREATES he only REPLICATES. A good thing to know.

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