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It’s Over: They Finally Caught Them…Satellites with Deadly Powers

In the vast expanse of the cosmos, where stars twinkle and galaxies swirl, humanity has launched its own creations into the void. Satellites, those silent sentinels, orbit our planet, serving a myriad of purposes. But what if, among these benign tools, there lurked a power so immense, so potentially destructive, that it could ignite the very surface of our world?

Steve Fathers, a luminary in the fields of computer science and advanced robotics, has delved deep into the mysteries of the Maui fires. His research suggests the existence of technology that could initiate these fires from a satellite in Earth’s orbit. The implications are staggering. Could it be that we are not just being watched from above, but also targeted?

To understand the feasibility of such an act, one must first grasp the mechanics. The most efficient method to ignite a fire from orbit would involve painting the target in segments, pulsing a laser with an advanced targeting system. The Earth’s atmosphere, however, presents a challenge. It absorbs and scatters some of the laser energy. To counter this, the laser would need to operate in a wavelength range that minimizes atmospheric interference. The near-infrared range emerges as the most effective, allowing better transmission through the atmosphere. This wavelength would be invisible to the human eye and would have minimal interaction with blue-colored objects on the Earth’s surface.

The power required for such a laser is immense. Fathers’ calculations are based on a 10-megawatt laser firing from Earth’s orbit. Assuming that the atmosphere absorbs half of this power, only 5 megawatts would reach the surface. Yet, even this reduced power, when focused into a one-square-meter beam, would ignite a fire almost instantly. If this beam were pulsed across a one-meter by one-mile area in segments, the entire area would be aflame in roughly 2.7 minutes. The sheer heat generated would be enough to melt an aluminum alloy wheel in under 9 seconds.

The energy required for such an endeavor is colossal. Pulsing a 10-megawatt laser for 2.7 minutes would necessitate around 3,220 capacitors, weighing in at about 32,200 kilograms. Yet, the capabilities of certain nations might surprise many. The CCP, for instance, possesses rockets capable of launching payloads weighing up to 48,500 kilograms. This is more than sufficient to carry the equipment required for such a laser.

But the revelations don’t stop there. Fathers’ research suggests that the CCP might have lasers in orbit that are even more powerful than previously imagined. Lasers with a staggering power of up to 70 gigawatts, at least a hundred times more potent than the ones used in his initial calculations.

Cross-referencing public data from NORAD, Fathers discovered that satellites monitored by the CCP were directly above the Maui fires at the exact moments of ignition. The implications are chilling. Could it be that these fires were not accidents, but deliberate acts of aggression from above?

The world must wake up to the silent threat orbiting our planet. The evidence, the calculations, and the timings all point to a reality that many might find hard to accept. But the data is there, available for all to see and verify.

In the age of information, knowledge is power. It’s crucial to remain vigilant, to question, to research, and to understand the forces that shape our world. For in the silent void above, there might just be a power that can change the course of history.

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