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Ice Cube Reveals What Lakers Truly Need to Become Championship-Worthy Again

Ice Cube Reveals What Lakers Truly Need to Become Championship-Worthy Again

In a recent episode of The Big Podcast with Shaq, Shaquille O’Neal was joined by Ice Cube, where they discussed a range of topics, including the current state of the Lakers. Ice Cube, a long-time supporter of the Los Angeles Lakers, shared his insights on what the team needs to regain their championship form.

Ice Cube has been a consistent presence at Lakers games over the years, often seen sitting courtside. On the podcast, he emphasized the importance of having a true big man on the roster. Reflecting on the Lakers’ recent struggles, he explained that while Anthony Davis is capable, the burden of playing center is too much for him alone.

“We needed a big man, I meаn, a true big man. That’s why everybody calls it the ‘Mickey Mouse’ championship. But all those teams were going for that banner. You can’t dismiss it. In the end, we had Dwight Howard, JaVale McGee, and another big guy. But AD (Anthony Davis) can only do so much. Asking him to play center is just—I think you got to free him up a little bit,” Ice Cube said.
He highlighted the importance of having dedicated centers like Howard and McGee during the Lakers’ 2020 championship run. These players were crucial in providing defensive strength and protecting the rim, which is something the current roster lacks. Cube pointed out that having true big me𝚗 helped the Lakers in the bubble when they managed to contain Nikola Jokić and the Denver Nuggets.Ice Cube believes that if the Lakers had a true big man on their roster, their recent postseason series against the Nuggets might have ended differentlyIce Cube’s Interaction with Lakers Legends

Growing up in Los Angeles, Ice Cube has many fond memories of the Lakers. As an avid fan, he has interacted with several Lakers legends over the years. One memorable interaction was with Magic Johnson during his playing days. Cube recalled sneaking down by the floor near the tunnel and exchanging a high-five with Magic, who he remembered having the softest hands he’d ever felt.

After rising to fаme in the music industry, Ice Cube’s love for the Lakers allowed him to experience things like sitting courtside and meeting the players. During his appearance on The Big Podcast, he and Shaq reminisced about their Sports Illustrated cover where they took on each other’s personas.Ice Cube also shared his admiration for Kobe Bryant. He once recounted his favorite Kobe moment on First Take, and expressed how getting to know Bryant was special. The rapper was deeply affected by Kobe’s passing, highlighting the profound impact the Lakers legend had on him.

In summary, Ice Cube believes that for the Lakers to become championship-worthy again, they need to add a true big man to their roster, easing the pressure on Anthony Davis and strengthening their defense. His insights come from years of being a devoted fan and his close interactions with the team and its legends.

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