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How King Charles Reportedly Plans to Resolve Prince Harry and William’s Feud

Prince Harry and his family have been feuding for years over memoirs, evictions, documentaries, Oprah interviews, and tabloid fodder. And while Harry’s relationship with King Charles has been on the mend, he and his brother Prince William still do not see eye to eye. Charles, however, thinks he may have figured out the fix-all for their family’s relationship, and it would require Harry to make a move—without his wife Meghan Markle.

Following the news that Harry is looking for a property in the U.K. (he and Markle were previously kicked out of Frogmore Cottage), royal expert Tom Quinn claims that a residence across the pond could be the solution to all their problems (and would also allow the king to see his grandchildren, Lilibet and Archie).

“King Charles has been putting pressure on Harry to do just this as he is angry that his only relationship with his grandchildren so far is via video calls, which Charles hates,” Quinn told The Mirror.

Quinn added that there may not even be a need for Markle to tag along if she doesn’t want to, as the kids could primarily spend time with their cousins, Princes George and Louis and Princess Charlotte, and their grandfather.

Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and King Charles Walking Leaving Westminster Abbey After 2020 Commonwealth Service in London

“William and Kate’s children would spend the weekend at Highgrove and Harry’s children could then easily pop over from their house nearby,” he explained. “This would neatly get round the problem of Meghan—she just wouldn’t need to be there and the children could be whisked back to the States after a week or two.”

The outlet previously reported that Harry has been missing his life in England as of late. Quinn shared that the former senior royal has been itching to spend more time in his old homeland, even though Markle has no desire to return.

“Prince Harry wants to spend more time in the U.K., but he knows he is going to have to do it alone,” Quinn said. “Meghan has publicly stated that she has no intention of returning to England. This puts Harry in a really difficult position if any kind of positive relationship is to be re-established with his family.”

“After the excitement of moving to the U.S., the honeymoon period is now over and Harry is beginning to find time hangs heavy for him—he is increasingly nostalgic for much of his old life back in the U.K.,” Quinn added. “For all his problems with his family, he always loved his military and school friends and he misses them.”

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