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Highlight of the day:: “He’s WAY WORSE!” 50 Cent REVEALS WHY Jay-Z is hiding behind Diddy Ra!ds is CAUSING A WAVE of controversy.

Highlight of the day:: “He’s WAY WORSE!” 50 Cent REVEALS WHY Jay-Z is hiding behind Diddy Ra!ds is CAUSING A WAVE of controversy.

So, it looks like 50 Cent finally got answers to the questions everyone is asking now, aka “Where on earth is Jay Z when his bestie needs him?”


It’s been over a week since Diddy’s homes got raided by the feds, and he had to run into hiding, and we still haven’t heard a peep from all the so-called friends he used to party with when things were good, especially Jay Z.

Well, according to 50 Cent, it makes sense that Jay Z has pulled a disappearing act because if you think the feds have dirt on Diddy, just wait until you find out how much worse Jay Z is.

And y’all know how Shawn Carter is: you could never ever catch him slacking. But what we’re wondering is, if it’s bad enough that thee Jay Z had to go into hiding, just how deep does this thing run?

And what does 50 Cent really know about it? Well, let’s jump right into it.



50 Cent also points at ‘missing’ Jay-Z amid P. Diddy’s home raids and legal issues 

The famous rapper has been warning people of Diddy for years and now he is after Jay-ZMusic.

Last Monday, rapper and hip-hop mogul P. Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles were raided by Homeland Security.

He was nowhere in the premises and people were quick to point their fingers at the fleeding rapper.

Diddy’s private jet was spotted flying outside the country, which makes him even more suspicious in the eyes of the public.


There are few who dare call out P. Diddy for what he does, people like comedian Kat Williams recently called him out.

But 50 Cent has constantly called him out on the potential crimes he may have committed over the years. Many conspiracy theories have been reported, especially recently.


But also, there are many data points that have already been confirmed and point to Diddy being involved with serious crimes.


Kanye West interview explains the immoral deal Diddy made to stay out of jail.50 Cent is now wondering where Jay-Z is


Now that P. Diddy is officially on the run, 50 Cent maintains his level of trolling against the rap mogul but he is also trying to point attention to another rap mogul. 

Fifty is now starting to use his more than 30 million Instagram followers to ask where Jay-Z could be hiding right now.

For years, it has been proven that you are in some type of illegal problemif 50 Cent is calling you out in public.



The famous rapper posted an image of missing people where Jay-Z apepars and wrote the folloing messages: “Anybody seen Jay? Puff said the ninja ain’t answering his phone.”

It is painfully clear that people who have kept themselves in the periphery of the entertainment industry have managed to identify patterns that have forced them to call people out.

Two of the most vocal people on this illegal conduct from their peers are 50 Cent himself and comedian Kat Williams.


However, there are a few others who dare call these things out without fear of any type of repercussion against them.

Jay-Z hasn’t responded to any of this in public but we will keep you posted in case he does. All we know is that currently, the hip-hop industry is imploding and rearranging. Did you bring your popcorn to watch?

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