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“Hang Him!” Adm. Stephens Says of Corrupt Army Major David Dunbar….But Without Tribunal!

Senior JAG prosecutor Rear Adm. Johnathon T. Stephens set a double precedent last week. A Camp Blaz source told Real Raw News that Stephens unilaterally convicted a U.S. Army major of treason, among other egregious crimes, and ordered that he be hanged at once.

As reported in August, White Hats arrested 167 Fort Drum personnel who staged live-fire wargames to prepare for a future battle against supporters of President Donald J. Trump. Among the lot were Command Seargent Major Nema Mobarakzadeh, whom JAG executed Sept 21, and his superior officer, Major David Dunbar, the ringleader.

Although JAG had intended to collectively prosecute the 165 E-1s to E-6s in mid-September, it postponed the procedure because many of the initially reticent soldiers had a last-minute epiphany, a come to Jesus moment, and became talkative, ostensibly for a deal besides death. Our source neither confirmed nor denied the existence of any plea bargains, but he told RRN that 47 Black Hats grew weary of languishing in six-by-nine-foot cells and apologized for willfully and knowingly obeying unlawful orders. A handful admitted guilt—guilty with an explanation. They claimed that the jackbooted Maj. Dunbar led the company with an iron fist, often punishing subordinates for innocuous infractions: questioning Biden’s commitment to Ukraine, crediting Donald Trump for anything, ever, asking questions after being ordered not to ask questions, and so on.

Two said Dunbar’s extrajudicial punishments included extinguishing cigarettes on soldiers’ arms, with one reportedly showing JAG investigators a forearm encrusted with a dozen pockmarks. His crime: speaking too softly when “pledging allegiance to President Biden” at morning formation.

JAG found the stories dubious and considered ascribing the wounds to self-harm, as these soldiers idolized Biden and displayed enmity for Trump before signing military contracts. Real Raw News in July reported on the regime’s widespread plan to rebuild the Armed Forces with immoral soldiers that value profit and the New World Order over nationalism. The proliferation of crooked officers and recruiters has grown exponentially since Biden stole the 2020 election and appointed Lloyd Austin Secretary of Defense, and White Hats have sworn to purge the military of them—a challenging undertaking, our source admits.

“These bad apples are rotten to the core, and there’s so many of them. Don’t think all those traitors are off the hook, ‘cause they’re not. JAG wanted to hear what they had to say, the truth and the lies. One thing’s for sure, Dunbar was rotten through and through,” our source said.

On Sept. 22, three days before Dunbar would have faced a tribunal, he punctured his attorney’s hand with a pencil while they sat in an office discussing his defense. Though handcuffed, he had somehow palmed the pencil and driven it into the back of the lawyer’s hand, causing a commotion that alerted two MPs on the opposite side of the door. It was the second time in two weeks Dunbar had turned violent; a week earlier, he assaulted another inmate in the shower, saying he would rather have “beat the shit out of” Donald Trump. He also threatened to murder all of JAG.

The next day, Sept. 23, Adm. Stephens informed JAG leadership he was canceling Dunbar’s proper tribunal and instead holding a bench trial forthwith. Neither JAG nor Dunbar nor his lawyer objected.

They met promptly in court, and Adm. Stephens found Dunbar guilty of treason, conspiracy to commit murder, conduct unbecoming, aggravated assault, aiding and abetting the enemy, and force, fraud, and coercion. Dunbar was stripped of rank, issued a dishonorable discharge, and taken to the gallows to be hanged.

“What? Am I supposed to be scared?” Dunbar said two hours afterward, as the hangman put a rope around his neck and a cloth bag over his head. “I’ll die with honor more than you understand,” he bellowed, addressing the admiral apparently.

“Hang him,” Adm. Stephens ordered.

“You cuff my hands but you’ll never—”

His final words trailed into guttural, gurgling sounds as the floor beneath his feet swung open.

He was pronounced dead nine minutes later, at 3:45 p.m.

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