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Greg Hunter: Fake Trump Recording, Bidenomics Tanking, Smoke Poison! – Must Video

Could the Trump phone call being leaked to CNN be an AI fake?  Some say yes, and today’s AI technology would make it easy to do.  Remember all the evil Deep State made up on Trump and the so-called Russian collusion?  There was the fake “Dossier,” fraudulent spy warrants and FBI and DOJ lying at every turn.  Pulling off an AI fake audio recording of Trump admitting guilt is outrageous and should be investigated thoroughly.  I want to see and hear the original recording playing on the original recording device that was used.  I think they are just making it all up—again. 

They have a new name for Biden’s dismal economy, and that is “Bidenomics.”  Does the Biden Administration think the economy is going so well it needs the name of the cheated-in President?  According to a recent NBC poll, 74% of Americans think the country is going in the wrong direction, and only 20% think it’s going the right way.  Remember, this is NBC of the Lying Legacy Media, and that’s the best they can make this look?  It’s looking dismal, and people think the economy is getting worse, not better.  Meanwhile, Fed Head Jay Powell says he is raising rates again and again by the end of the year.  That should help the economy.

The fires that are burning over a large part of Eastern Canada and the Northeast have spread to the Midwest.  Severe toxic smoke is causing breathing problems in Chicago and elsewhere.  Some are saying the smoke is not just wood smoke, other dangerous chemicals are in it.  Are people trying to poison us at every turn?  How can these fires start all at once if someone or some group is not coordinating setting these fires?

There is much more in the 54-minute newscast.

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