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Greg Hunter: Darkness Coming Dollar Falls!! – Bo Polny – Must Video

Geo-political and financial analyst Bo Polny has long said “. . . Nothing can stop these people aside from a Biblical intervention from God.”  According to Polny’s Biblical cycle and timing charts, that’s exactly what is likely going to happen by the end of the year.  It all centers around the value of the U.S. dollar.  Polny explains, “Bitcoin, years ago, was under a dollar.  Then it was a dollar.  Then it was ten bucks.  Then it was a hundred, and then it was a $1,000.  All they can do is keep bashing it with news and say how horrible it is.  Ultimately, the most horrible currency in the world is the U.S. dollar.  The U.S. dollar is the root of all evil.”

Polny says America’s story is about to run parallel to the Bible story of Lazarus, who was brought back to life by Christ after four days buried in a dark tomb.  Polny says, “In the United States right now, we have gone in the wrong direction.  We have been controlled by evil, and so the United States must fall.  This is going to be like the Baptism moment.  You die to be reborn.  So, the United States is about to fall, and it’s going to look horrible.  It’s going to look like God has abandoned us.  How do you think it looked for Lazarus when he was in the tomb?  He was dead.  Lazarus and the United States are playing similar rolls.  These are cycles, and that which has been will be again. . . . I am going to continue with the story, and it all ties in with the dollar and the United States.  Jesus said, ‘This illness (for Lazarus) does not lead to death.’ . . . The fall of the United States is for the glory of God so that the Son of man can be glorified through it. . . .When the United States falls, people are ultimately going to wake up.  This is about waking up the church.”

When could this take place?  Bo says, “I think sometime in November the United States goes dark.  . . . The land will rumble.  Power will stumble and evil will crumble.  This is what’s coming, and these are the events that we are super close to seeing.  This will lead into what is called ‘Hypnotic November’ and death to life. . . . The United States will be reborn to shine once again for all the world to see. . . . We have the great awakening coming, and this will cause gold and silver to lift. . . .The dollar is an instrument that is about to go down.  Because it no longer has a contract with Saudi Arabia because Russia got one, it’s about to lose its world reserve status.  It’s about to go down, and the question is have you positioned yourself for what’s about to happen?”

Polny goes on to say, “You want to talk about bondage?  Look what happened with the election.  All it was were bribes and payoffs and nothing more than that.  They are trying to control the military . . . they control social media.  You know they control FOX News and all the major news stations and everything. . . . This whole money system is disgusting.  Each one of these categories is a gate to hell.  They control everything to the gates to hell through their money system.  The gates of hell shall not prevail.”

In closing, Polny says, “The money system we have today is not attached to gold, and it’s no longer attached to oil.  It’s free floating, and the only thing that is holding it up is faith and confidence.  How confident do you feel right now with what is going on in the United States? . . . A massive event is coming, and unless the dollar falls, nothing changes.  Hollywood won’t change.  The banking system won’t change.  The media won’t change.  Nothing will change. . . .Everything that was held up by the dollar is about to go down.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with financial analyst and Biblical cycle expert Bo Polny, founder of (10.09.21)

(This write-up is only a small sample.  There is more in the 52 min. interview.)

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