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Globalists Aren’t Just Coming For Your Cars and Your Cash – They Also Want Your Steaks, Burgers and Bacon

The globalists are coming for your cars and your cash, because your cars are key to you retaining your freedom of movement and your cash is paramount to you maintaining your financial independence and your privacy.

But they don’t intend to stop there.

If there’s one thing the globalist cabal hates, it’s free and independent people. They want everyone, from every social strata, to be dependent in one form or another on the government for their survival.

But they want more than your cars and your cash, which they will replace with self-driving electric cars and digital money.

They also want to nose their way into your personal dietary habits.

There’s a video that’s started circulating on the Internet under the title, “Woke Activist Says Eating Hamburgers Is Sexist.” This video is powerfully symbolic of the attitude the global predators have toward we the people.

I’ve said repeatedly that in the beast system they are trying to bring in under the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial Revolution, you will have no rights. Only privileges. You eat and survive and move about in society at the pleasure of the almighty state and its corporate “partners.” Klaus Schwab and his buddies at the World Economic Forum call this system “stakeholder capitalism” and it’s coming soon to a city or town near you. If we let it.

So you have to watch this clip from a speech by Carol Adams, who argued for the complete elimination of meat as a food for human consumption in a recent presentation before the Oxford Union Society. She says eating hamburgers is a sign that you are sexist and maybe even a white supremacist.

Below is a snippet of her presentation but you can find her entire speech on YouTube. Do not make the mistake of dismissing her as just some crazy leftist lunatic. She is a useful idiot, but she has some very influential people behind her who are working overtime to make sure you don’t get to eat very much meat, if any, in the coming New World Order.

It’s no coincidence that meat is one of the items, along with fuel for our cars, that is getting more unaffordable by the day as our economy shifts into hyper inflationary mode.

Adams’ is actually arguing the position of very powerful global interests. The World Economic Forum and its founder, Klaus Schwab, along with his friend Bill Gates and many other powerful billionaires are all saying that in order to “save the planet,” we need to have fewer living, breathing human beings walking the earth and those who remain must learn to cut back on their carnivore cravings.

That’s no doubt why Gates has made himself the biggest buyer of American farmland and why China is also among the top buyers of U.S. agricultural properties. They hope that by taking more American ranchers out of business they can drastically cut the supply of beef, pork and chicken coming to market and create a market for their artificial lab-grown meat.

And who is the world’s premiere investor in lab-grown meat?

You guessed it. Bill Gates.

He has said that lab-grown meat could start to show up in U.S. grocery stores by the end of 2022.

But first, there’s a little more work to be done in the propaganda war against meat. They must demonize meat eaters and that’s what the woke woman at the Oxford Union was doing. Meat eaters are evil, sexist, misogynistic extremists.

Anything on which the globalist predators who hate humanity want to declare war on, they simply label as racist, sexist or homophobic.

They have said the same thing about the word “freedom.”

Because the Truckers’ Freedom Convoy has breathed new life into the international freedom movement and is exposing the tyrants, those who finance and provide propaganda cover for the tyrants are now saying that use of the word “freedom” is a favorite choice of “racists” and “extremists.” So beware of hitching your train to those evil “freedom” lovers.

I kid you not. This is the message being put out by Canada’s state-owned media, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

The CBC actually came out with an article trying to convince its readers that to advocate for freedom makes you suspect of being a “far right” extremist and racist.

Are these globalist freaks pathetic, or what?

You truly couldn’t make this up, folks.

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