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Globalist Extermination Window to Wipe Out Humanity Is Rapidly Closing! – John Moore Interviewed By Mike Adams – (Must Video)

It seems to me that the globalist-satanists will NOT warn us, and that they are trying to kill off as many people now as possible, before the poles flip. Why? Because they are hoping that there will be fewer “useless eaters” around, as they call us, to compete with them for resources that they want to hoard for themselves before this catastrophe starts. These people are evil.

Satan is in a frantic panic to kill billions of people today, no yesterday if not sooner. Just saw the FDA is pushing through the approval on Pfizer and BioNTech death shots. “We recognize that for some, the FDA approval may bring additional confidence and encourage them to get vaccinated”. NO, IT WON’T!!! FDA approval doesn’t make any difference. Biden working on outline for federal workers to get vaxxed. Why are they rushing this? All the hospitals are empty!!! There is no Delta variant! The Delta variant doesn’t exist! Even Ted Cruz is pushing a vaccine mandate! What the Hell is going on?

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