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Get Out While You Can! Everything Is Closed Or Closing This Was Sad To See It Happen! – Full Spectrum Survival

Brad, our government officials here in the Philippines are now creating this list of the unvaccinated amid our current Pres’ threat of arrest. I know your channel is for the great American people, however, just want to say that I have been watching your channel for about 4 years now and if it weren’t for you, our Church, and some of my favorite channels here in YT providing sound advice about emergency preparedness, then I won’t be this motivated to prepare. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH! My heart breaks for the people here who are already so poor and kept losing their jobs and income due to continuous lockdowns and now there is a threat to arrest the unvaccinated. What kind of world are we living in now? These global gov leaders are heartless. But I am aware that I cannot lose focus, all I can really do is help myself and love ones prepare. If it is happening here then I am sure it must be creeping into US now as well, even in EU it is now happening. Scary days ahead.

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