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Gene Decode Update On Underground War! (Must Video)

Gene is back after a serious MORGELLONS outbreak and he has some breaking news on the war going on underground. A must see!

Love Gene. He is a blessing and such an honest man. He has brought light to this dark underground world Mafia. These Royals are disgusting and need eradicating ASAP. Their bad seed has been spread like Cancer. They are now the hunted.

How these so called elites have acted just for fun is barbaric. I can’t wait to see them getting their sentences carried out. Just imagine a world without evil people in control it would soon be a paradise.

Indeed, but Our faith and trust must be in God. If he chooses to use Trump in that capacity, that would be wonderful! But it’s truly up to us as a collective, to bring these things to the surface, and expose this evil to the Light!! It’s up to US! People need to get angry at what these mongrels have done and continue to do!

I believe when you have children, you really give up part of our own life!! There should be no reason why folks don’t home school!! None!! This is a travesty!! They start coming after the children, parents need to show their teeth!

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