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Gene Decode: Reptilians and Nephilim and Dracos in Your Face

Pay attention boys and girls..Gene Decode is telling you some truths now that he is on his own and graduated from the 6,000 year old Earth. From description no idea  be careful who you follow and give MON NEY to… is time to WAKE THE FLOCK UP!!!!!


MMS stops the mrna attaching to human receptors. Start very slow..2 drops for a week,then 3 drops the second week.
It is very powerful but will cure Cancer,Aids,Virus,Malaria,Lyme and many other problems…..

Under Puerto Rico is a huge ET BASE..I had put up photos here but THE B BOYS deleted 3 years of my comments..gee i wonder who they work for???..who are they in bed with …maybe the boys on B Trending

There are 777 books from the real Bible.

Earth bound Humans were provided 66 (altered narrative) books.

Now, ask yourselves…Does that make you an expert on anything?

Or simply turned you into one exceptionally programmed populace?

What do you think? Let us know in the comments. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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