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Gene Decode: BIG Intel With Mitchell Gerber (Video)

Come with us and discover a glimpse of the history that fueled a multi-billion dollar organ harvesting business in China. The Falun Gong people have been one of the targeted people groups for aggressive demonization and slaughter by the Chinese Communist Party.

Falun Gong is not a people group but a practice related to Qigong with incredible benefits to health and spiritual awakening. A spontaneous grass-roots movement grew quickly in the 1990′s with thousands participating in this meditative practice all over China. It became so positively powerful for the people that the communist leadership (CCP) decided it had become a threat to their control over the people.

Learn how the CCP aggressively and despicably suppressed these beautiful people in China and learn about the courageous work of Mitchell Gerber who has made it his life’s work to expose these atrocities happening to our brothers and sisters in China.

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