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Freemason Stanley Kubrick CONFESSION

Stanley Kubrick CONFESSION: «I was involved in fraud. I was the movie director of THE FAKE MOON LANDING 🌑👀🎬🎥
Posted here in 2019,2020 but Freemason BALD owner of BITCH u te by orders of his handler Freemason charLIE ward
took down the CIA photage as it was filmed in the desert outside of Hollywierd
and with what few do not know that Kubricks next gig was going to be 911
and he tries to tell you in all his movies ….a preview of 2001: A Space Odyssey
from the day of his death to september 11,2001 is …666 days
I am sure just a coincidence as the Freemasons all the know it alls love so much on BITCH u te Trending
from the Bald Turkey club in bed with BALD turkey owner of CIA BITCH u te
also was posted way before the boys and girls came out to make the MONEY with covid
about Arthur C. Clarke ..who lived in Sri Lanka because he worked at the old Diego Garcia base when it was being used for THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM were we went to The Moon and Mars since saint hitler since the 30s and Diego Garcia was used among other sites to travel by Portals and not mickey mouse rockets by Freemason Von Braun….

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

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