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Flynn’s Digital Journalists as Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s!

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!


Fellow Patriots and Frog Family,

Throughout my journey of awakening, I was repeatedly reminded to “Think Logically!” This reminder holds immense significance in our current mission because, despite this being a movie-like scenario, we are still engaged in a war and each have our roles to play. Now, you may wonder how this can be logical. Allow me to explain.

Q informed us that this is a movie because the major evil players were already dealt with through military tribunals, execution, or indefinite detention at Guantanamo Baybefore most of us became involved. As in any war, there is a phase of cleanup, and that is precisely what we are witnessing now.

However, what about the movie aspect? Well, every movie needs a plot, main characters, and an audience to gradually understand why this covert operation unfolded behind the scenes. This is where we entered as Flynn’s digital journalists, as Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s!

We initiated our campaign with the powerful Save The Children movement, awakening many to the dire need to protect our children. Once we had garnered attention on this front, we proceeded to expose further details, such as adrenochrome, the red shoe club, the black eye club, and the dark world of pedophilia. By sharing this information with the public, we were able to enlist more frogs to join our cause.

We uncovered the truth about corrupt politicians, Hollywood, sports, music elites, and our team of frogs grew exponentially. We became the newsmakers, the digital journalists whom others relied on for unfiltered truth. The enemy never saw us coming; they were confident that the majority was entirely brainwashed.

We surprised them. The silent majority rose from their couches and joined our ranks. Never let anyone tell you we are not the majority now because we ARE!

While many still choose to be “sheep,” it is not due to ignorance of the truth. They willingly embrace their slavery, enjoying being told what to do every moment of their lives. Others dismiss us as mere conspiracy theorists, demanding proof. Yet, when presented with undeniable evidence, they still refuse to believe because admitting to decades of brainwashing is too uncomfortable for them.

Now is the time to “think logically.” Stop relying on mainstream media reports and fabricated COVID-19 statistics. Why are you even wasting your time consuming their garbage? Think logically! Q has stated that disinformation is necessary.

For example, when asked, Q clarified that JFK Jr. is not alive.

Yet, I personally know, without a doubt, that John is very much alive.

Why would Q say otherwise? 

You can figure out the reason yourself, right? In war, you never reveal your game plan to the enemy.

Have you noticed the recent surge of seemingly unbelievable news stories and the supposed infighting among patriots? Think logically! Sometimes distractions are necessary to keep everyone’s attention fixated on one hand while the other hand accomplishes the mission. Some have questioned if General Flynn is aligned with the Cabal, and if so, would I need to rename my Signal groups, all of which are called “Flynn’s F.R.O.G.s.”

Let me make it abundantly clear: Absolutely not! I have personally looked into the General’s eyes, and his loyalty to the USA, its citizens, President Trump, and the White Hats is unwavering. Think logically! Consider distractions! Acknowledge the sacrifices made by patriots at the highest levels who undertake immense personal sacrifices for this mission.

Speaking of personal sacrifices, reflect on the sacrifices each of you, as frogs and patriots, has endured. My message today is simple: When you encounter something that doesn’t quite resonate with you, THINK LOGICALLY and pay attention to what the other hand is doing. Trust that, together, we possess great strength.

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