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FINALLY: Sidney Powell Files Vaccine Mandate Lawsuit Against The Pentagon

It was about time someone stepped in and had the gut to actually do something about the untested and dangerous, killing jabs!

According to a dozen of recent scientific reports, conducted all over the world, the vaccines are definitely unsafe, and also – unnecessary, since, it was proven that natural immunity is far more effective and a far better alternative to the COVID vaccines…

According to the report published by The Hill,

“Powell’s Texas-based group Defending the Republic announced this week that it filed a lawsuit against Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin on behalf of sixteen active-duty service members “in support of their right to refuse” the COVID-19 vaccine.

“Through the filing of this lawsuit, we make clear that these service members — those who serve their country with honor — are not the property of the U.S. government, and the Constitution does not allow them to be treated as such,” the group said in a statement posted to its website.

This came as a response to the orders made by the Pentagon, that all service members must be vaccinated in late August. And it was just announced that “its 700,000 civilian employees will have to be fully vaccinated by November 22.”

“Soldiers are not the property of the government,” Powell stated. “We seek to protect their individual rights to decide what’s best for their own lives and health in the face of this dangerous, experimental, and unnecessary’ vaccine.’”

Aside from Austin, the suit also names Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and acting FDA Commissioner Janet Woodcock as defendants.

And ex-Trump’s attorney already has a lot of trouble with the authorities over her wild, justice-seeking spirit.

“Dominion is suing me personally for $1.3 billion, and then Smartmatic is suing me for $2.7 billion, I think, in New York. And then Eric Coomer, who used to work with Dominion, is suing me in Colorado,” she said with a laugh, according to Yahoo News. “I mean, we need a take-a-number system now for people who want to sue Sidney Powell, who doesn’t have the tiniest fraction of that amount of assets. We could write that check and watch it bounce to infinity and beyond.”

But, she’s not giving up in the name of justice and the future for all people. And neither shall we!

Postpone vaccination as long as you can – hopefully, this madness will end sooner than expected!

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