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Feds and Military Traitors Train Together to Expose White Hats

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Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and FBI Director Christopher Wray have pooled resources to create a task force whose mission includes identifying, isolating, and terrorizing White Hat “collaborators,” an FBI whistleblower, or “5th Columnist,” told Real Raw News.

The “5th Column” denote a growing number of FBI agents who, in the aftermath of the agency’s unlawful raid on Mar-a-Lago, began clandestinely helping White Hats in their mission to purge the Deep State. Sources in General Eric M. Smith’s office have put the number of “5th Columnists” at about 500, a figure the whistleblower confirmed. They have sworn to help White Hats topple the criminal Biden regime and its corrupt Dept. of Justice.

Christopher Wray, though, discovered that agents under his command were working alongside White Hats to subvert his authority, but he had no idea which agents were sharing his sinister agenda—to deprive Americans of the rights and freedoms they hold dear—with the White Hat community. The search for double agents sent a paranoid Wray plummeting headfirst down a conspiratorial rabbit hole filled with real and imagined plots to oust him from the FBI. The whistleblower said that Wray’s eternal quest to find “Trump-supporting traitors” drove him mad.

In January Wray tasked group supervisors and special agents in charge in D.C., Spokane, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Oklahoma City, New York City, and Miami with ferreting out “5th Columnists,” giving them three weeks to produce a list of names. When three weeks elapsed and the supervisors and agents in charge hadn’t uncovered even a single “5th columnist,” Wray went bonkers and accused them of being spies, demanding they take polygraphs to prove they were not counterintelligence agents secretly working for Donald Trump and General Smith. They all passed, and Wray’s insanity soared to new heights; he saw spies everywhere and plots hatching around him.

“It’s gotten to the point Chris Wray trusts no one; even his immediate subordinates are suspect in his eyes. If I say he’s batshit crazy, it’s an understatement. He’s used thousands of man-hours and a lot of taxpayer dollars trying without luck to figure out who we are,” the whistleblower said.

Wray’s frenetic lunacy continued into February when he demoted a deputy agent in charge for insubordination and a made-up infraction: failure to address him as “sir” when in the presence of Cabinet members or high-ranking military officials.

“Sometime near the end of February, and I don’t remember the date, Chris Wray—and by then he’s totally humiliated he couldn’t find any of us—meets with Lloyd Austin, a real piece of work, and brings a tenured FBI agent in charge with him. And this guy, and I don’t want to name him, has been in the Bureau for 15 years. And right in front of Austin, Wray just starts chewing this guy a new ass hole, saying he’s the reason the Bureau can’t find us. And this poor sap is just a guy who’s been doing his job. Chris Wray is dressing him down and telling Austin how he’s demoting him to desk work. And I know this because Wray bragged about it, and the special agent in charge became a pencil pusher,” the whistleblower said.

Wray, he added, hid his shame by blaming others for his failures. During his meeting with Austin, Wray suggested that the FBI join Austin’s military to expose and eradicate White Hat “insurrectionists,” a label he applied to dissident agents and anyone else opposing the criminal Biden regime. He told Austin he distrusted his people and wanted soldiers to help “capture or kill” insurrectionists, and he specifically requested Special Forces fill that role. Austin was forced to admit that he no longer controlled Special Forces but offered a different solution: He said “a Biden buddy” at the USAF’s Close Precision Engagement Team would abide by his commands.

Wray, the whistleblower said, chose 75 agents to work beside Austin’s 50-man unit, but in his haste to expose his enemies, wound up picking a few “5th Columnists” to attend the joint FBI-Black Hat task force, and they relayed intel to Gen. Smith’s office.

The joint force trained for 60 days at the FBI’s headquarters in Quantico and at Black Hat-controlled Travis AFB, California, where they practiced marksmanship skills on range targets using President Trump and General Smith’s face in place of a bullseye. They performed insurgency drills and mock interrogations and were taught to regard all Trump supporters with suspicion.

Meanwhile, Wray wrote list after list of potential offenders. He scoured the social media profiles of hundreds of agents—active and retired—for indicators of treasonous behavior, such as badmouthing Biden or espousing support for President Trump, execrable crimes, according to Wray.

“Wray would add names to his list. Cross off names. Re-add names he’d crossed off. He said White Hat sympathizers are guilty of maleficence and vowed to get us all,” the whistleblower said.

On April 2, Wray thought he hit pay dirt. He happened upon the social media profile of a former agent, Gary Belvin, who had resigned from the FBI shortly after the January 6 Capitol incident. The profile had a photo of Belvin, a 47-year-old black male who stood six-foot-five, sporting a Trump 2024 tee shirt and holding the Star-Spangled Banner. His comment beneath the picture said, “Potissimum libertas,” Latin for “freedom overall.” Another image was a selfie of Belvin standing at Buckman Tavern in Boston, captioned “on vacation in Massachusetts.”

“Wray blew a gasket when he saw the profile,” the whistleblower said. “He thought Gary Belvin left the Bureau to join the White Hats, and he wanted to get him badly.”

Wray learned at which hotel Belvin was staying and assembled members of his freshly trained task force to detain and interrogate him. He circulated Belvin’s photo among the task force, warning them that Belvin was likely armed and exceptionally dangerous, and he authorized deadly force.

On April 4, FBI agents and Black Hats stormed a Boston hotel room and struck the sole occupant, a Caucasian male in his 30s, with a stun baton, causing him to drop to the floor in agony. They handcuffed the man, dragged him to the bathroom, and tied him to a chair. One Black Hat drew a bath, ostensibly to drown the man if he refused to cooperate. None of the agents seemed to realize they had entered the wrong room and subdued the wrong person. They interrogated him for 30 minutes, threatening to kill him unless he named all “5th Columnists.” Only after 45 minutes did they check the man’s ID and understand their egregious error.

“The guy was an airline pilot on a layover. These bumbling fools had Belvin’s picture but still mistook a white guy for a black guy. They’re more a danger to themselves than to us. Belvin wasn’t even at the hotel when they raided it. Belvin doesn’t even have ties to the ‘5th Column’ or White Hats,” the whistleblower said.

When news of the botched raid went public, the FBI and DoD concocted a story obfuscating the actual event. Federal agents and military personnel, they said, were conducting a training exercise at a Boston hotel and interrogated an unsuspecting civilian after they entered the wrong room by mistake.

“It’s frightening that Wray’s people and military black hats have joined forces. If they get their act together, they could be a genuine threat. The ‘5th Column’ is safe now, and we aim to keep it that way,” the whistleblower said.

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