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Washington, D.C.- Feb. 11, 2022] The FBI is investigating the subject of a recent Project Veritas story on COVID-19 cases potentially being inflated for financial incentives such as higher federal reimbursements and faster turnaround. It appears that those who submitted these inflated COVID numbers may be the subject of this FBI inquiry.

Project Veritas founder and CEO, James O’Keefe, broke the news in a video from the Washington D.C. Capitol building after meeting with members of Congress to discuss the news. Below is his full statement:

The FBI is looking into a video released by Project Veritas featuring the whistleblower, Jeanne Stagg, from Louisiana. The videos released by Jeanne Stagg indicated how hospitals were potentially inflating COVID numbers in exchange for government money. People came into the hospital for other reasons, like gunshot wounds and accidents, but they were being labeled as a COVID case. We just came from inside the Capitol building, where we talked about this story to various members of Congress and their staff. We also talked about the abuse of power by the Department of Justice against journalists, but in this case, it appears as though the FBI is legitimately investigating the journalism that we’ve done, looking into it, and is trying to expose the fraud that we uncovered.

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