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Exposed! J6 Oath Keeper Trial Mega-Mistake! FBI in Panic! Informant Bombshell NYT Can’t Even Ignore!

Here’s What People Are Buying Right Now!

RR News Update! – Nov. 11th, 2022 – By: Justus Knight

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Mistakes are sometimes the only relief from a one side controlled storyline, and this is the quintessential example of exactly that. In the trial of Oath Keeper’s leader Stewart Rhodes two mega mistakes occur. The result, an FBI informant is outed. Not just any FBI informant either. No, rather, the Vice President of the Oath Keeper’s…a CHS (confidential human source)! Now, wait a minute, didn’t the FBI’s Jill Sanborn tell Ted Cruz she had no knowledge? Well you are about to find out they not only had knowledge, but they had it BEFORE the events of Jan. 6th…and that changes EVERYTHING!

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