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Exclusive! Richard Citizen Journalist, “D.C. Is a Ghost Town!” – David Nino Rodriguez (Must Video)

What a GREAT interview. Excellent job Nino. This is something that will be in the history books. Both of you just did a massively important thing. 

Not normal though. The buildings are empty. The media MUST know all this and the way they seem to be “not reporting” ANY of it just SCREAMS collusion. I don’t watch TV any more. Ever since the 2020 Selection. I don’t want to fill my brain with the lie of “PEDOTUS Biden” did this or that. This is a MASSIVE collusion too large to comprehend don’t you think? I’m hoping the “Kennedy” referred to WAS JFK Jr.. Some days I really wonder if I have really gone insane and other days I’m convinced what I’m seeing is like Neo waking up after the red pill.

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