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Exclusive: Dr. Peter McCullough Breaks CDC Bombshell! – Banned Must Video

Dr. Peter McCullough joins Kristi Leigh on The War Room with bad news and good news.

It’s like a man telling you to turn around, you ask why. He insists that you will be safe from danger, but you don’t see any danger at all. His insistence increases. You become suspicious, it seems unreasonable. “Maybe not today,” you say. He gets really angry and demands you must turn around for your SAFETY!
That’s when you should NOT turn around.

More like COVID commander!

Can someone tell me what the damn end game is? Why why is it so important that everyone has to get the shot. No man woman child left behind!! With all the pre treatments available and all the recovery from the flu its so important to give million dollar draws and so on to get you to get it!!! If everyone gets it and it goes wrong then what? Maybe I just answered my own question!!!

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