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Jeffrey Epstein was CIA/MOSSAD?KGB triple agent
Ghislaine Maxwell CIA/MOSSAD/KGB triple agent under Rothschild with TERRE MAR PROJECT
with submarines and boats to transport the girls to the many islands in The Caribbean.
Well protected by the STATE DEPARTMENT so could travel anywhere in the world and left alone.
In Ukraine he was protected by the Russian Mafia who has been running things for many years as well as the MOSSAD who also allow Epstein to steal the girls to TEL AVIV were they are sold to Rich men from Dubai,China,Saudi Arabia,Baharain ,Qatar and Asia…the rest are force into prostitution as TEL AVIV is the capital of Porn and using Hollywierd as their avenue. Some are brought by Jeffrey Epstein into NY, Las Vegas and forced into Prostitution at the Russian private Clubs in Brooklyn and Forest Hills. 
The real young ones are taken to The Elites on the many islands they use to have Satanic rituals were Prince Andrew also attended. El Chapo and Jeffrey Epstein trafficked young girls together…..they worked together and they had the same jewish lawyer from Brooklyn in Prison and both were taken out secretly and switched with a double.

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