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Eminem’s Daughter Hailie’s Childhood Nightmare Exposed: Shocking Encounters Revealed!

The 27-year-old also recounted a story of students talking about her on the social media app Yik Yak

Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, daughter of legendary rapper Eminem, has described the ‘surreal’ nature of her childhood where strangers would take pictures of her wherever she went.


While it may be more common now to see children of the super famous in the limelight from an early age, this seemingly wasn’t something Hailie was ever comfortable with. Growing up in the early 2000s, when her father Marshall was at the peak of his powers musically, privacy was hard to come by.

In her new podcast series called Just a Little Shady – a nod to her Dad’s moniker – the 26-year-old detailed some of the experiences she had to deal with when she was very young, as the daughter of one of the most famous people in the world.

According to Hailie, there was one instance during childhood where a fellow student refused to stop taking pictures of her while she was on the school bus.


“I remember one time, going on the bus. I’m running late, I didn’t have time to get ready, and this kid, sitting in front of me and stars taking pictures of me,” she recounts in episode 3 of the podcast.


“And I was just not in the mood, I was a frazzled mess. This kid starts taking pictures of me, and I just wanna get off the bus. I say ‘are you serious?’”

She then describes how she ‘really caused a scene’, shouting out: “‘Can you please stop the bus!’… And the bus driver didn’t know what was going on, so they slammed on the breaks”.

Another instance of her fame causing issues came at college.

According to the podcaster, an anonymous app called YikYak was used by her peers to talk about her as she sat in class.


“This was the time of YikYak. I wish I could forget about it… basically it was like Twitter but anonymous,” Hailie says.

“You could post anything on there but in real time, and it was based on your location so, if you were in the same areas as some people, that’s the YikYaks you would get.”

“So me being in class, and being on YikYak… I would just see YikYaks about me.

“And I would get so self-conscious, because another big thing with going to college is that you don’t have to be ready all the time, you can wear sweats, hats, you don’t have to get ready for class.

“But I didn’t really get to live that because I was too nervous people were going to take photos, and I was going to look like a gremlin,” she adds.


The new podcast, which Hailie hosts alongside best friend Brittany Ednie, is still in its infancy, with episode three dropping earlier this week.

Uploaded to several platforms, the Just a Little Shady Podcast has proven successful so far, with the first episode garnering over 350k views on YT to date.

Eminem, meanwhile, is set to release his second Greatest Hits collection on the 5th August.

Titled Curtain Call 2, it will feature a collection of hits “comprised of the inimitable Detroit MC’s creative output since the 2005” according to a recent press release.


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